• Disclaimer
    Auricular points which have been given in this software are not at all the substitute of any Medicine or Medical Advice. So, make sure to consult your professional consultant. Following are advised not to use auricular therapy: pregnant women especially having history of abortion, malignant anemia (hemophelia- Where bleeding do not stop), excessive high B P patient, patient having severe heart disease, excessive high diabetes, consumes blood thinner regularly, Infectious disease like hepatitis B, AIDS, any disease of blood, during menstrual periods, sick, very weak patient and old patients, hunger patient, ear infection patient.


  • Know more
    The blue stars given in the auricular pictures represent the superficial locations of the points. Yellow stars represent the deeper locations i.e on the deeper side at the same location.


  • Contraindications
    Be careful to use over pressure or auricular needling to following patients: Patient having severe heart disease, malignant anemia (Hemophelia- where bleeding do not stop), Excessive high BP, Excessive high diabetes, patients having any serious disease of blood, Infectious disease like hepatitis, AIDS etc, patients consuming blood thinners regularly, Pregnant women especially having history of abortion, sick, weak and hunger patients, women patients during their menstrual periods.


  • How many points to use
    It is not necessary to use all points suggested. Protocols have been designed to involve all points related to cause of problem and all consequences of problem. Therapist must use one’s mind to select points based upon patient history.
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  • Copyright
    This software is subject to copyright. Sharing it to anyone or copying any content is liable to be penalized.